Bunny: v0.9.0.pre5 Release

As we draw closer to a final release, the next preview release – 0.9.0.pre5 – was made available today. The notable changes in this release are –

  1. Channel error information is now properly reset when a channel is (re)opened
  2. Global prefetch is not implemented in RabbitMQ, so Bunny::Session#prefetch
    has been removed from the API
  3. Default value of Bunny::Consumer noack argument changed from false to true

You can see a full list of changes in the Change Log on GitHub.

Please give it a try and let us know if anything doesn’t work for you. You can also let us know what works well if you like.

gem install bunny --pre

will get you the latest preview release and you can post your comments to the Google Group.


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