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Bunny: Future development

Bunny has now reached a state where it makes most of the core AMQP functionality available. It is being used in the real world and seems to be doing a reasonable job for its users.

Up until now I’ve been doing things with Bunny that I wanted to do, with some occasional help from interested parties (for which I am very grateful). I have no formal change management procedure (except for the use of the remarkable Git), no release candidates etc. If anybody thinks that a more formal structure is required then I’m open to suggestions.

What I would like is for the ‘Bunny community’ – if there is one – to drive its future development. I want to get a better feel for where and how Bunny is being used with a view to improving it further. So if you have examples of ‘real world’ Bunny usage, if you require features that don’t already exist, if you have encountered problems that you want fixed or if you have suggestions as to how Bunny can be enhanced, please let me know. You are also encouraged to fork and patch to your heart’s content.

Version 1.7 of RabbitMQ is due out quite soon and I expect Bunny to be compatible with it. For the time being I’m going to concentrate on polishing Bunny as best I can.

Finally, I’d like to say that I’m enjoying working on this project immensely and would like to thank the numerous people who have made, and continue to make, software and services available free of charge. Without their generosity I’m sure that I would never have started this project.