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Bunny: v0.7.1 Release

Bunny v0.7.1 is now available from GitHub. It contains a number of minor changes. Perhaps the most notable change is a deprecation message that is output to the console when the Queue#publish method is used.

The Queue#publish method is a convenience method that enables messages to be routed to a queue via the default direct exchange which has an empty string (“”) as its name. Apparently, this method has lead developers to mistakenly believe that messages are directly delivered to queues. This is most certainly not the case (Please see this documentation for an explanation).

Therefore, in order to avoid this confusion it has been decided to deprecate the Queue#publish method. If you find the method useful and would not like to see it deprecated, please raise the issue on GitHub or in the ruby-amqp Google Group.

Bunny: v0.5.4 Release Candidate 2

Bunny v0.5.4 rc2 is now available from GitHub. The code is now frozen as far as new features and enhancements are concerned. Of course, if you find any critical bugs please contact me as soon as you can so that the fix can be implemented.

The changes included in the upcoming v0.5.4 release can be viewed in the Bunny wiki.

I intend to release the new gem on 5th  October 2009. If anyone needs more time to evaluate the changes please let me know and I will consider deferring the release.

Bunny: Release v0.5.2

The latest release of Bunny contains the following changes –

  • Add :heartbeat parameter to Client#new method and some rudimentary heartbeat logic
  • Add :timeout parameter to Queue#subscribe method
  • Add Client#returned_message method to handle undeliverable returned messages
  • Tidy up the connection logic so that appropriate error messages are output

If you have any issues, questions or comments please speak up. Feature requests would be particularly useful. I don’t guarantee that I’ll be able to do what you ask, but I will try to do what I can to make Bunny more useful.